Welcome to the Developmental Dynamics Lab! We are located in the Department of Psychology at the University of Georgia. The Developmental Dynamics Lab is directed by Dr. Drew Abney

The lab focuses on how behaviors and social interactions impact developmental trajectories throughout infancy and into toddlerhood. 

Studies conducted in the lab use various techniques: from conducting controlled laboratory experiments to free-flowing toy play sessions to collecting daylong multimodal (e.g., vocalizations, body movements, etc.) behavioral data. We are motivated to apply existing techniques from applied computational social science and dynamical systems theory and also develop new computational and analytic methods to understand the dynamics of development during infancy and early childhood.

Research Topics:

sensorimotor development; human interaction; emotion regulation; perception/action; language development

Research Methods:

behavioral experiments; motion capture; eye tracking; computational models; corpus analysis of naturalistic behavior; psychophysiological measurements; fNIRS-based hyperscanning